Personal Data:

Last name:                  Hallier

First name:                  Marie-Christin

Date of birth:               05.12.1987

Place of birth:              Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)





2017           Educational Staff at Montessori/ Froebel

2016           Integration counselor of MUTABOR Human & Development

2016           Closed facility: nursing home especially for dementia Bonn

2015           Open facility: nursing home for youth and old Bonn


Vocational and academic education:

2018 – 2019 ETEP-Pedagogue (development of therapy and pedagogy)

2013 – 2015  Master of arts – Art Therapy (Alanus University Bonn)

2012 – 2013  Alternative practitioner psychotherapy   Bonn

2009 – 2013  Bachelor of fine arts (Alanus University Bonn)

2008 – 2009    Alanus Werkhaus/ Pre- academic courses   Bonn


Membership/ Establishment:

2016  Member of the Association of International Artists (IKV)

2013  Initial member

  • Foundation for art, therapy and place empowerment (KTG)


Official invitation for speeches:

2018 : Russia – First German-Russian Tretyakov Dialogue

  • Presentation: Inclusion about art from – Autism/ Down syndrome

2016  Romania – National Prevention Day of Suicide

  • Presentation: Ars Vivendi – Case Studies

2016 Italy – 13th International CIRCLE Conference Naples

  • Presentation: Palliative Well-being increased by Art-Therapy

2015 Romania – WPA International Congress Bucharest

  • Presentation: Definitions of „Healing“ and of „Art-Therapy“




  • Hallier, Marie-Christin, Palliative Well-being increased by Art Therapy, in: International Journal of Management Cases, Volume 18, Issue 4, Darwen, UK, pages 30 ff
  • M.-C. Hallier, Palliative Well-being increased by Art-Therapy, in: Bonetti, E. and Ryding, D., 13th International CIRCLE Conference, Book of Abstracts, p. 80 f, 2016


  • M.C.Hallier, Healing by Art, in: Romanian Journal of Artistic Creativity, Volume III, Number 4, New York, 2015, p 214 ff


  • M.- Ch. Hallier, Healing by Art within Palliative Therapy/-Medicine: A Holistic Case-Study, in:   Holistic Marketing Management Journal, Volume 5, Issue 3, 2015


Courses and practical experiences:

2015            Malteser-Clinic: palliative medicine (9 months)   Bonn

2014             Pedagogical children`s home Bergisch Gladbach

2014             Asklepios clinic/ art therapy   Sankt Augustin

2014             Vitos Rehbergparkclinic   Herborn

2011              International cooperation   Lithuania

2011              Work with handicapped children   Rösrath

2010              Kindergarden/ art   Bensberg

2009              Conflict solutions   Cologne

2009              Photography   Bonn

2009               International cooperation   Lithuania

2007 – 2008  Kindergarden/ social year   Bensberg

2007                Restauration Art and Antiques   Refrath

2005               EU-policies   Bruessels

2003               Advertising and Design   Cologne



1998 – 2007  Otto- Hahn- Gymnasium   Bensberg



2019 „GegenDenStaubDes Alltags“       B. Gl./ Germany

2018 „Intermezzo“                                     Gemünd/ Germany

2018 „Food Waste“                                     Menden/ Germany

2018 „Earth & Cosmos“                               Moscow/ Russia

2017 „Food Waste“                                      Nairobi/ Kenya

2015  „Lebenskunst“                                    Bonn/ Germany

2014  „Kunstereignis“ OneEveningEvent     Bonn/ Germany

2014 „Sculpture“ Vitos-Clinic                        Herborn/ Germany

2013  „Somnambul“ Final Bachelor              Bonn/ Germany

2012  „Earth and Cosmos“                           Düren/ Germany

2012  „Relationships“ AcademyOfFineArts   Krakau/ Poland

2011 „Unter Strom“                                       Bonn/ Germany

2011 „Rheinromantic Today“                         Königswinter/Germany

2011 „Multicolour“                                         McGregor/ South Africa

2011 „Multicolour“                                         Robben Island/ South Africa

2010  „Bildpartituren“                                    Bonn-Beuel/ Germany


Languages (basics):

2010 Turkish

2004 Spanish

2000 French

1998 English


mother tongue: German


Language Training:

2006              Spanish       Argentinia

2005/ 2002    English       UK

2004              English       Canada

2001              English       USA

2001              English       Irland

2003              French        France


International Travels:

Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Danmark, Sweden, Poland, CZ-Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Russia, UK, Irland

Marocco, Egypt, Sambia, Comore Islands, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya

Turkey, Syria, Israel, Dubai, Oman, Sharja, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, India

Singapure, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong, Thailand, China, Japan

Canada, USA, Argentinia



  • Painting/ Drawing
  • Playing Saxophon
  • Sports: Ski, Tennis, Handball, Basketball (1 year member of NRW Kader)