Russia – Moscow: Tretyakov 2018

„Who are we?“

The famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow/ Russia exhibited for the first time in a Special Show art being produced by DownSyndrome and Autism. The exhibition was titled  „Who are we?“

Linked to the „Day of Man with DownSyndrome“ the Tretyakov started its First German-Russian Tretyakov Dialogue for artists, art-therapy. medicine and museum-staff about this topic. From Germany the two KTG-members M.-C. Hallier and G.Herzog did lecture about their experience. Heading the Russian team was Dr.Sonja Petrikova-Agafonova.


Kenya – Nairobi: Shangilia 2017

Two post-graduates from Alanus (M.-C. H. & B.H.) with experience in Art Therapy look for the opportunity to test a motivation-course for street-children from Shangilia. After her main-role in the film „ Don’t Cry, Child of Africa“ in 1993 the Kenian actor Anne Wanjugu started in 1994 a project for children out of a local slum to feed and to educate them to promote their self-confidence.

In 2004 the Cap Anamur Club of German doctors bought some ground for the Shangilia-group for a school and sleeping accomodation; additionally from 2009 onwards the activities are supported by a German Shangilia Foundation . In the start of 2017 Shangilia cares for about 250 underpriviledged children.

With the managing director of Shangilia Nairobi, Japheth Njenga, a test for painting  was arranged for the time of the Nairobi FoodWaste Conference to see in how far art-therapy could become part of the future Shangilia education.



Spray Action „Unter Strom“


Poland – Krakow

At the Krakow Academy of Fine arts – the oldest Polish fine-arts academy – we got the chance to work together, to exhibit our art-results and to explore the rich history of the former Royal Capital.




South Africa – McGregor

In South Africa we had been part in a multi-colour-project with underpriviledged children of the black, coloured and white communities in McGregor and Robben Island.




Lithuania – Tell A Story